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KyuHyun: Doesn’t RyeoWook-ssi also wear high heels? 
RyeoWook: Hey, don’t laugh! (referring to a staff who’s laughing.) (c)

140429 KTR

When Ryeowook is on a plane, he takes off his shoes and put them where people can see that there are shoelifts in them. Kyuhyun would then tell him that shoelifts are showing and organizes them for him (c)

140430 MBC Radio Star Official Update with Kyuhyun

The Return of MC Kyu: From getting excited when Jun Hyunmoo ‘burned’ Kim Gura, imitating Kim Minjong’s singing style to imitating Yoon Hoo

080815 - Just for one day


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they were supposed to make an invitation video for their wedding but it ended up Heechul took the center stage and had his crazy version of Sorry Sorry and U…

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cr 無敵LOLIxi
HeeZZinPang: Just finished the filming of and I went to look for my dongsaeng Lee Donghae who was filming . I didn’t go in order to support him in the first place but because I missed him. I just wanted to take a pic a I could post later so I went to see him (-_-)/ I love you, my Donghae

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